Twelve years ago, I became reacquainted with a lady from the early 70s. Sometimes a person chooses a path of his own making which is not the correct one and, with time, maturity and unmistakable circumstances, you get to clearly see the path you should have chosen.

So it is with my re-acquaintance with this lady, Deb. Our reuniting was unmistakably orchestrated by God. She is what God intended for me from the beginning. She is my Soul Mate and she is with me on this adventure. It is because of her, I remembered my dream.

Deb is a PADI Open Water Diver. Photography and animals have always been a passion of hers, which she will continue to pursue underwater as well as above.

Reg -n- Deb

On the Beach at Sunset – Perfect!

Had I not chosen my own path those many years ago, I would have surely been living my dream for the past 30 years, and I am certain Deb would have been with me the entire time. However, time lost is just that and it has no impact on the future. We do not have 30 years of stories about the islands, but we do have years of experiences in the corporate world, which enables us to relate to those we serve today, perhaps making their diving experiences and yours even more enjoyable and rewarding.

It isn’t often a person can live their passion, and we are now most fortunate to do so. Come train with us and have a photographic record of your adventure. Come and be a part of our diving stories of the future. Check out our Training and Get Started pages and please sign our Guestbook at Oceanair Adventures.

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