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People embark on new adventures for different reasons. I was motivated in 1971 to begin this sport because it was new and different. Whatever motivates you to become involved in Scuba, just know I am here to help.

Making the decision to become a PADI Professional was a result of the desire to introduce the thrill of this sport to others. Oceanair Scuba is dedicated to teaching Scuba Diving using PADI standards. As such, I am dedicated to quality training using proven PADI methods and materials by delivering quality professional training, which yields quality results for my students.

In 2016, Deb and I relocated to North Carolina and I am currently enjoying the Smoky Mountains. I provide Scuba instruction through PADI, a name everybody recognizes and of which I consider to be the finest organization in the Scuba industry.

PADI – The Professional Association of Diving Instructors

The way the World Learns to Dive.®PADILogoHoriz4Cdotcom
PADI is the world’s leading diving authority founded in 1966 by a salesman and an educator seeking a safe and easy way for people to enter the sport.

Open Water Diver Course Experience

Not everyone learns at the same pace. PADI programs are performance-based, which allow students to progress at their own pace. Experience training with us, which is delivered at a pace that is tailored to your learning.

Your thorough understanding of the principles of Scuba Diving, as well as your ease and comfort and safety in the water, are my primary concerns. Your mastery of the course materials and mastery of the water skills will be my focus during your Open Water training experience.

Two methods of training–Independent Study and eLearning.

  1. PADI Independent Study enables you to complete textbook and video learning at your own pace, followed by a classroom review of the material you learned during your independent study.
  2. PADI eLearning requires you to complete a web-based course at your own pace, followed by a classroom review of the material you learned online.

This is OK!

Once the classroom is complete, you will receive a one- or two-day confined water or pool training session where you will master the water skills that you will need to know. Mastery of these skills is very important to insure your comfort and safety in the water. The confined water training will be followed by an open water check out–usually at an area lake or lagoon comprising of four dives over a two-day period.

Prerequisites include a 200-yard swim and a 10-minute tread/float usually to be conducted at the confined water session, as well as the completion of medical and legal documents.

Documents which are needed to begin include:

  • Statement of Risks and Liabilities
  • Standard Safe Diving Practices of Understanding
  • Medical Statement

Any “yes” answer to the medical questions on the Medical Statement form requires you to obtain a doctor’s release. The doctor’s section is included on the medical form. The release must be obtained prior to class.

Download your Medical Statement and complete before class– Medical Statement.

The legal documents will be distributed and completed in the classroom.

PADI Independent Study is a non-lecture-based self-study. Course materials in the form of manuals and multimedia are available for study at home or anywhere. Quick Quizzes and Knowledge Reviews insure understanding of the material. Once the independent study is complete, the Knowledge Reviews are reviewed in the classroom with the course Instructor, coupled with additional information provided by the Instructor to complete the materials study.

PADI eLearning online courses are a great way to start your diving adventure or continue your diving education.

PADIeLearningPADI eLearning courses are listed below. Clicking on this link (PADI eLearning) will take you directly to PADI’s eLearning website. Once there, all current online course offerings are listed. Selecting any one of the course links will send you to a registration page, which will provide you with information on that course and how to purchase it.

PADI Online Courses:

  • Open Water Diver Online
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Online
  • Rescue Diver Online
  • Enriched Air Diver Online
  • Digital Underwater Photographer Online
  • Divemaster Online
  • Instructor Development Online*
  • ReActivate – Scuba Refresher Program
  • Dive Theory Online

Once the online study is complete, you will print a completion form and bring it to the classroom where a review of the material is conducted with the course Instructor. That, coupled with additional information provided by the Instructor, will complete the materials study.

Whether you chose the path of PADI Independent Study or PADI eLearning Study, chapter quizzes and a final exam will be given by the course Instructor usually prior to any practical work in the water.


Consider Specialty Courses. After achieving Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver ratings and by completing five Specialty Courses, you will earn your Master Scuba Diver rating, the highest recreational rating in PADI.


PADI courses begin as early as eight years of age.

  • 8 year olds can participate in the Bubblemaker, Seal Team and Skin Diver programs.
  • 10 year olds can participate in Junior Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Diver, Geographic Diver and Junior Adventure Diver programs.
  • 12 year olds can achieve Junior Advanced Open Water Diver, Junior Rescue Diver and Junior Master Scuba Diver ratings.
  • 15 year olds can achieve PADI Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver ratings.

* For more information about the Instructor Development Course and PADI eLearning , contact me from the Contact page on this website.


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